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For more than 70 years, Jallatte® has been a leader in the safety footwear market, focusing on innovation and research into technical performance in order to constantly improve the protection of people at work. Preserving the health and improving the well-being of professionals at work has always been part of our historical DNA. Today, our design efforts are focused on preventing the risks of MSDs, musculoskeletal disorders, thanks to innovative materials and new technologies for multi-density soles that are the subject of international patents.

After safety, comfort and design, we therefore open the way to performance related to anti-fatigue in an ergonomic approach adapted to all physiologies and work situations. Above all, Jallatte® is a differentiating know-how and undeniable quality, which enables us to consolidate our Premium positioning and, even more so, to ensure the creation of well-being for all professionals at work.


Our industrial activities as a designer and manufacturer of safety footwear impose strict rules in terms of compliance with standards related to personal protective equipment.

However, this minimum requirement is not sufficient if we want to be a more responsible player in society. For several years now, we have been committed to an approach that aims first and foremost to favour local production through a vast plan to re-industrialize our historic site of Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort at the foot of the Cévennes Gardoises. Relocation of certain collections, massive investments to develop new technologies, hiring of new staff, innovative projects focused on anti-fatigue footwear with multi-density soles with energy restitution are all strategic axes leading us towards the virtuous circle of Economic, Social and Environmental development.


Our desire for transparency on designations of origin requires us to communicate in a clear and unambiguous manner for our distributor clients and end users.

Too many market players conceal manufacturing origins or remain in the dark, making it impossible to establish a climate of trust in long-term customer relations. At Jallatte, our approach is unequivocal: we have chosen to mention very clearly in our catalogue, thanks to a Blue-White-Red pictogram, those items whose upper & sole assembly is guaranteed "Made in France". The others, without picto, can come, according to our manufacturing programs, from our Cévenol site or from one of our Tunisian factories 100% integrated and controlled by our Group structure. It should be noted that all of our stems are cut and sewn in these workshops with the clear mention "Made In Tunisia stem", which does not allow us to be eligible for the "Made In France" mention alone.

All these mentions explicitly stated in our communication media and on the normative labels of our products are such as to make Jallatte a transparent and responsible manufacturer wishing to develop its customer relationship with values of mutual respect and trust in the long term.